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monet3Source Enterprises provides the best solutions to generate high revenue without lacking the efficiency. We tend to your unique needs whether it be providing advertisements or optimizing your distribution system..

We can provide:

  • 40% E-commerce increase
  • An increase of 17% - 20% in revenue
  • Up to 15% efficiency increase
  • Provide membership and exclusive content for premium customers
  • 23% website traffic increase


Source Enterprises’s monetization solutions provide flexible, affordable and agile solutions that allow service providers to quickly monetize their services while reducing the cost to serve. Source Enterprises’s monetization solutions are pre-integrated with built-in business processes based on the industry’s best practices. Whether you struggle with an existing implementation or aim to devise a new software monetization strategy, we offer a full suite of professional services in three categories ranging from system discovery & design to technology implementation & integration and ongoing system assessment & optimization. Our money-making solutions allow publishers to earn higher revenue through multiple online channels, including mobile, social media, mobile applications, and more.

As advertising and data platforming power the app economy, Source Enterprises monetizes thousands of mobile sites and applications. With advertising solutions, premium advertiser demand, cutting-edge technology, and unrivaled tools and support, we maximize the revenue capability of mobile inventory for every partner - from the top mobile gaming companies to the independent developers. Source Enterprises has the leading edge of the internet monetization industry, helping thousands of software developers and website owners to profit from their traffic. With publishers ranging from amateur developers to large corporations, we can professionally tailor a monetization or distribution plan for any kind of software or website project.

Source Enterprises grants non-technical users to maintain the complete, start-to-finish process of profiting off of digital assets – which includes creating rate plans, controlling limits and notifications, configuring reports and billing documents, and modifying the systems API program to maximize its value. We offer a vast degree of flexibility to craft customized policies that cover all revenue models, including fixed and variable fees, revenue sharing, and even "freemium" plans.

Our program allows us the ability to follow a systematic, repetitious, and proven process that maximizes precision and efficiency. Our monetization solutions allow us to deliver the best value and fastest time-to-money ratio for our clients. If you are seeking to profit from a website that you own, there are a lot of different ways to go about choosing an effective monetization option from your site’s traffic. The exact approach you should take to maximize your cash gain will depend on many different factors, such as the nature of your audience, the subject matter you cover, and the presence of third parties willing to pay you.

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Examples of Monetization

  • Safe Storage Systems
  • Innovative and efficient distribution system
  • Information system to track sales
  • Monitor projects
  • Track Personnel Time
  • Account for funds
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1. Pay Per Click Advertising:

Pay per Click, or PPC, is precisely what it sounds like. This concept is simple, visitors of your site click on an ad and for every click they produce, you profit. The amount of profit that you make per click depends on the particular ad’s Cost per Click. Factors such as site traffic, ad placement, and relevancy of ads play an important role in its profit. The PPC plan is not generally successful for sites with a slow traffic and should only be used with other monetization methods. Reachli, Google Adsense, Chitika, BidVertiser, Adbrite and Clicksor all use a PPC model.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing relies on the sales coming from recommendations on products or services. For example, if you own a fashion website and you link up with an affiliate to help promote their brand, you will start to make a profit every time someone buys through the affiliate link. The amount of profit you earn depends on the settled upon percentage from each purchase. Incorporate affiliate marketing within a post or write a review that appeal to your consumers. The affiliates you choose to link up with should contain the same type of customers you would like. Sites like ClickBank, Skimlinks, Share a Sale, and Amazon are good starting points when searching for affiliates.