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Source Enterprises' ecommerce software services and packages have helped many online merchants to realize the potential of their business, while at the same time improving web store visibility and how shoppers interact with the website.

We help with the design, hosting and marketing of your online ecommerce shopping cart platform. Secure Credit card processing, content management system, social media marketing presence and detailed analytics comes standard with our platforms.

  • Our advanced ecommerce technology blended with support from our staff of experts is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Through years of real world experience, thousands of hours of research and testing, and by listening to feedback from users, we are able to provide our clients with the results required to become a successful merchant seller.

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Audio Production


Our studios are equipped with the latest hardware and software available to you 24/7 with support from a dedicated team of staff. Included are various musical instruments, controllers, synthesizers, and voice booth optimized for acoustic isolation and overall sonic clarity.

We work closely with several talented composers for projects requiring original music. Partnerships with distinguished DJ/Producers, sounds engineers, master musicians and professors allows your project to benefit from a variety of talent if needed or can get straight to recording from the right specialist.

  • We have a vast array of sound effects and production music available and are able to work from and generate all popular file formats and media, saving time in production and also provide audio restoration services. Our software can do amazing things to clean up problem audio tracks. Hum, pops, ticks, broadband noise and other issues are no problem.

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  • Custom PCs
  • Custom Laptops
  • Custom Servers
  • Hardware Repair
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Operating Systems Fix
  • Network Setup
  • Routers / Switches
  • Accessories

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Business Model Monetization

  • Business Model InnovationReducing CAC (Cost To Acquire Customer) → Increase LTV (Lifetime Value of Customer)

Models / Combination Possibilities

We develop strategies to implement any means of extracting value from intellectual property. Explore the choices below on how to generate money from your hard work. Note that these are not mutually exclusive: consider mixed hybrid models too.


  • Full / Partial / Para
  • Hardware
  • Desktop
  • Software
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Data
  • Network
  • Other

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