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Maneuverability of media has been increasing ever since the first time someone thought to write on a stone tablet that could be lifted – compared to a cave wall, a cliff face, a monument that usually was stuck in place, more or less forever.

Mobile media devices such as cellphones and PDAs used to be the main source of portable media from where we would obtain information and communicate with other people. Lately, the smartphone (which is an amalgamation of both cell phones and PDAs) has made the PDA obsolete. The growth of new mobile media as an impact on social society was marked by smartphone sales outpacing personal computer sales in 2011.

Mobile MediaWhile both cell phones and PDAs are independent technologies and operations using them may be new and innovative, the want and desire to use mobile media devices disregarding where we are in the world has been around for centuries. Paul Levinson, an American author, remarks in regard to telephonic communication that it was “intelligence and inventiveness applied to our need to communicate regardless of where we may be, led logically and eventually to telephones that we carry in our pockets”.

The internet allowed people to talk to anyone and use on demand information. With the invention of mobile phones and internet, mobile media has become a major source for information and news. Smartphones, digital cameras, mp3 players, and tablets are now part of our daily lives. Mobile media devices and applications play a growing role in the everyday lives of millions worldwide. Media can be downloaded onto the device by podcasting or can be streamed over the internet. Digital applications include gaming, video, audio, downloadable ringtones and mobile magazines. Social networks, mobile app companies, and location based services are well positioned to see the biggest and best benefits from the shift of consumer media utilization and usage patterns.

Mobile Media

But how can businesses profit on this consumer shift and adapt to their mobile centered customers? Anyone can benefit with the increase of the mobile phone and tablet usage. There are thousands of apps in Apple’s App Store or in Google’s Android Play Store.

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Below are the highlights from a report on mobile media consumption, which discussed the rise of gaming, mobile and social merges, and the mobile takeover of existing popular usage categories.

  • According to ApolloBravo in 2010, there are more than 3 billion mobile device users in the world.
  • Mobile was the only media type to grow in total U.S. consumer minutes spent per day from 2010 to 2012.
  • In the course of 2013, tablet shipments have grown 83% while PC shipments dropped 13%.
  • Mobile usage is at an all-time high. U.S. consumers now dedicate one-fifth of their media consumption time to mobile.
  • Consumers are watching more videos on mobile devices overall. This gives marketers more time and opportunity to place ads within streaming video content.
  • Search is also becoming increasingly mobile. Tablets and smartphones now account for 26% of all local search traffic.
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Now you can attain vital mobile media training from one of the nation’s leading universities. Source Enterprises offers a comprehensive Advanced Mobile Marketing course 100% online. Advanced Mobile Marketing is a comprehensive “how-to” on mobile media marketing that will enable you to deliver results. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam viverra accumsan iaculis. Phasellus consectetur leo quis lorem accumsan.

Why Mobile Marketing Possibilities Are Endless

The mobile market is growing rapidly, allowing mobile media advertising to reach a larger audience. Morgan Stanley forecasted in December 2009 that the mobile internet market will be more than double the size of desktop internet when comparing internet users to mobile subscribers. U.S. consumers seem to agree, as information published in January 2010 by Mobile Marketing Watch shows that the mobile web grew 110% in the U.S. during 2009.

How Can Mobile Media Marketers Reach Their Audience

Mobile marketing campaigns can be low-cost, quite profitable and easy to implement. You can also access this vast audience at home, work or on the move – and even target specific demographics – with mobile media advertising, which is the fastest growing segment of today’s marketing world. With the right mobile media training, marketers have an excellent opportunity to reach a greater audience and increase sales. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

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Why Mobile Media?

Mobile Media

Campaigns are:
  • Low-cost
  • Easy to Implement
  • Profitable
Access at:
  • Home
  • Work
  • On the Move

Value of Mobile Media

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The mobile market is growing exponentially, allowing mobile media advertising to reach a greater audience.

Mobile Media is especially important for:

  • Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Entrepreneurs

Understanding Mobile Media


Cellular phones, digital cameras, laptops, ipods, PDAs, Game Boys, walkmans, and so on play a big role in our daily lives.

These devices and their corresponding media technologies consume much of the everyday lives of millions of people around the world.