With our leading photography services platform and our nationwide network of professional photographers, Source Enterprises is well-positioned to serve all your photography needs. Our advanced technology enables us to integrate high-impact visual marketing activities into every engagement in a cost-effective manner. From setting up branded photography websites to photographers delivering great products and final reporting, we take care of everything you need from start to finish. Whether you are sponsoring a festival, organizing a race, operating a fan photography event, or simply throwing a party, Source Enterprises offers a well-structured photo program which will help you maximize the benefits from your efforts and make it a fun, memorable and hassle-free experience for you as well as your guests.

We prides ourselves on efficiency, quality, professionalism and accountability; providing the best photography. Thousands of photographs can be produced in just a few hours. Any logo can be incorporated into the photographs, which is ideal for sponsorship, providing outstanding exposure both as a take-home photograph as well as through instant social networking and emailing.

Source Enterprises's offers use of green screen photography. We posses a prestigious team of graphic designers who have worked on projects including blockbuster Hollywood movie posters, video game covers and launches, and major national promotions. The graphic designers will be in charge of producing and editing excellent quality photographs used on a green screen. Every minor detail is put into attention and is created specifically for you. Having your input and approval is also very important to us.


Source Enterprises also offers an open photobooth option. Unlike standard photobooths, group shots as large as 25 people can be accommodated and the images are professionally photographed. Events you organize or sponsor provide great opportunities to extend your brand, acquire new customers or connect with existing ones. Whatever your objective is, we will provide the best photography services that will help you get the most from your event and make it a fun, memorable and hassle-free experience for you and your guests.

We can provide everything you need such as photographers, camera equipment, a custom website and much more. From very small and simple to multiple extravagant events, we can create the right program that suits your needs. First, we discuss your requirements and develop a custom program that is designed for your specific event. We then review all aspects of the event in order to determine how participants will interact with the photography staff and decide whether an on-site printing option, complete with green screen, or a photobooth is appropriate.

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Photography Services

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Sporting events
  • Competitions
  • Interviews
  • Media Training
  • Live performances
  • Legal Depositions
  • Retirement parties
  • Funerals
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Photo and Video Montages
  • Conversion of your old film and VHS to DVD
  • HDR


    HDR Photography

    *Needs to be written, explanation of HDR-The right foundation is crucial to the operation of a business. We use the most advanced and upgraded dedicated servers to power your website or intranet. Whether supporting file sharing, social networks, streaming video or sensitive data. Our hardened hosting platforms are second to none. At times your website can be the core foundation, and when you want to ensure reliability and stability turn to us. Our teams are on call at all times to make sure your website or content is never off line, and always functioning properly.

  • Green Screen


    Green Screen

    Source specializes in green screen and traditional event photography services; providing instant on-site printing, emailing, and social networking of photographs. Source also offers an Open Photo Booth option where, unlike the standard photo booth, photographs are taken professionally and even group shots as large as 25 people can be accommodated!

  • Events



    Printing is on-site and instant. Guests have the option to be emailed their photos instantly, or they can be directed to an online gallery to retrieve their event photos. Subjects can also go to a dedicated iPad on-site after having their pictures taken and instantly upload the images to Facebook or Twitter, or send the photos to as many email recipients as they would like.

  • Event Sites


    Events Websites

    Fans have the ability to go online after an event and either upload their own digital images to your website or choose their photos from posted galleries. They can then create and order customized items like mouse pads, framed prints, calendars, greeting cards and much more, all featuring your logo and imagery. Source Enterprises takes care of all the backroom details including ordering, customer service and product fulfillment.

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Our nationwide network consists of thousands of professional photographers who capable of handling any type of event in any part of the country. If you already have a photography group that you are working with, we can put together a program that allows them to use Source Enterprises's platforms and tools in order to maximize the impact of the existing photo operations. To ensure maximum quality, our professional photography lab adjusts each print and photo product individually, allowing us to provide excellent quality results. We are committed to providing the ideal photography experience for your guests. Participants can view your photos online after the event.

Participants have the ability to view all of the available products with their photos in place and with custom-branded borders by using our interface. They can choose from a wide range of products from plaques, posters, mounted prints and mugs, to t-shirts, mousepads and much more. They even have the ability to upload their own photos in order to create personalized photo souvenirs. Source Enterprises handles all of the back-room details, including product ordering, product fulfillment and customer service. Our experienced team will create and host your unique photo website and storefront, complete with your logos and messaging. Your branding will also be present on the images that participants share online as well as the products, preserving their association with your brand.


We create and offer customized and memorable personalized products that are perceived as commemorative keepsakes, instead of simple snapshots. This gives you increased exposure and improved product longevity for your brand. The most important aspect is that our technology enables us to provide this unprecedented level of customization in a very cost-effective manner.

The Boston Red Sox, Justin Timberlake, the L.A. Dodgers, American Idol and Barbra Streisand all have one thing in common. They all enable their fans to keep the magic alive with commemorative keepsakes available through fan photography.