31bannerSource Enterprises's multimedia services combine native multi-device support, multi-party conferencing and multimedia into a suite of applications that can be managed within a single environment. We can enrich the end user satisfaction and experience, improve employee productivity and internal communication, and engage potential customers with targeted information.

We provide easy-to-use, end-to-end management which helps assist organizations in deploying a fully integrated solution to support an individual service as well as multiple services for content relevant to their business. Source Enterprises offers the widest variety of printing-related products and services.

We are continually investing in the latest technology that will allow us to improve consistency, quality and speed to market. A successful business needs effective communication in order to have an efficient working environment to provide excellent goods and services.

At Source Enterprises, we are skilled in multimedia design and presentation. We provide our services at a very reasonable cost. Each interactive graphic or multimedia design is unique, and should reflect your company’s image in such a way that appeals most to your target audience.

We keep both the business’s goal and consumer in mind, including conceptualization, scripting and the final design and production, to achieve the most interactive multimedia design in the final product.

By striving to understand your needs, budgets, presentation environment, business goals esthetic preferences, involvement of technology, and presentation environment, we ensure that your multimedia presentations provide you with the best possible tools for delivering your messages to your desired audience.

Whether you require a simple slide show or a high-end multimedia design, Source Enterprises can provide the best service and fastest turnaround time to ensure that you are able to connect perfectly.

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Why You Need Multimedia


Source Enterprise's Multimedia Development Services Include:

  • Interactive Business Multimedia Presentations
  • Creative Design Solutions
  • Logo Design
  • Audio / Video Solutions
  • Business Identity Design
  • Visual Effects
  • 2D Animations
  • Flash Brochures
  • Online Catalogues
  • Print Design
  • Flash Demos
  • Training Slides
  • Design


    Multimedia Design and Presentation

    Source Enterprises provides expert analysis in multimedia design and development. Our team of experts invest in the increasing adapting technology to leverage quality, consistency, and speed to market.

    Source Enterprises also comprises native multi-party conferencing, multi-device support, and multimedia into a suite easily managed in a single environment. Our service focuses on employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and enriching user experience. 

    With our backgrounds in web design, graphic design, digital art, and media art, our team is qualified to give your website standout appearance and performance. 

  • Printing


    Print Production and Design

    Our multimedia development service includes development of outstanding, high-end printed materials, such as brochures, online banners, graphic images, and logos for your direct-to-market online business. Source Enterprises rises to meet your specifications and requirements, and strives to reach out with the printed word to potential consumers who seek the business you the client offers.

    Stylized art such as digital and web graphics become key components of a well developed website, and get small business owners plenty of visits with each person who clicks onto their website. Development of printed material helps customers remember the sites they visit, and it never hurts to have a physical as well as online presence.

  • Videography


    Video Production

    Our expertly-trained designers will work with you to create vibrant, rich sound and dynamic, captivating motion. Our Multimedia Services specialize in interactive media to create that extra special punch you want for your website.

    Visual content is essential, and our consultants and designers can help you finalize you content into a presentable marketing tool. Numerous sites offer video tutorials and entertainment for visitors to check out and enjoy, while others use video communication to contact clients online. With our Multimedia Service, you will see the importance of videography as it takes your site from a random search link into a well-developed online website.

  • Photography


    Digital Photography

    Any website owner will attest that a website without images is not appealing. Source Enterprises offers a wide variety of digital design specialits who have training and analysis experience that can place your content on your website in a presentable, and satisfying, manner.

    Our highly skilled team of digital photographers can determine what works best, where your photos sell on your website, and what shots are the money shots. Source Enterprises' multimedia services will help you attract your target market pool and communicate your message in an artisitc way.

  • Audio Production


    Audio Production

    Sound audio is an ever increasing essential part of production in today's media. Audio production plays an important role in music, voice recordging, and sound effects.  Websites that can host audio files such as music or soundclips are generally popular with various visitors, so it's essential to have perfect audio synchronization on a website.

    We provide assistance with both digital and analog recordings, and our services help you convert old analog audio recordings into flawless digital recordings. Doing so allows the business owner to expand their website into a wider variety of media. With sound files such as jingles or songs you've recorded or produced, or if you want a video to have enhanced background effects, your presence online is assured with our Multimedia Service.