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Why Use Email Marketing Services?

Email Marketing is a reliable way to connect with your customers, and for your customers to share your email message with their connections. The more customers you have spread the good word about your business, the more you will grow. A successful email marketing program leads to great networking results.

Whether you're sending out a newsletter to a couple of your most loyal fans or a mass marketing promotion to thousands of people, we can simplify your marketing strategy so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Through our email marketing program, you will be able to track the performance of your email campaigns in real-time, and from any web browser. With easy to view graphs and charts, you will be able to have a snapshot view or be able analyze the data quickly.

We offer a flexible payment plan so you can choose the most affordable payment method that works best for you. Sending unlimited emails for a low monthly subscription or pay as you go options makes email marketing possible on any budget.

In today's advanced digital world, email marketing services are replacing direct mailing. Instead of spending your resources on creating print strategies that end up as junk mail in mailboxes, you can now merge your social networking marketing efforts with useful email strategies. With email marketing, you can immediately see who is opening your emails, which links they are viewing, and how many of your customers are forwarding your emails to their friends. email marketing makes it all the easy, fast, and efficient.


Our email marketing strategies offer social networking buttons such as the Facebook’s “Like” and Twitter’s “Tweet”, so your messages are even easier to share with others. Find out if your email marketing strategies work by seeing who has viewed your emails, forwarded your emails, and how many unsubscribed from your emails. Through these email campaign reports, you can easily identify which strategies are effective. Email marketing also allows you to send surveys to your customers that can help you discover the products and approaches that best meet their needs and interests.

Once you take that step into the email marketing world, you will be amazed with all the great advantages of email marketing over direct mailing. Source Enterprises help you reach your customers more effectively and quickly.


The pain of dealing with direct mailers will disappear as soon as you begin using an email marketing service. In just a couple of minutes, you can upload images, type your message, change how your text is displayed, add links to websites, add a social media bar, and more. A compelling email marketing service offers professional features that you will use in order to create customer surveys, newsletters and other emails. Along with this, many email marketing services offer the flexibility to work in a design format or directly with HTML. With most products, you can even choose whether you want to create an email message from scratch or choose from a list of existing templates. Email marketing services allow you to preview your email on your computer screen and even as a printed copy. These useful features allow you to quickly adjust text, images or links in your email to make them more accurate and attractive than they were before. Our email services work with Google Analytics to allow you even more data to add to a successful email campaign.

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Whether you are a novice or familiar with how email campaigns work, our services will provide you with the necessary tools and explanations necessary to help you efficiently create a great campaign. Even if you are new to HTML coding or how to use monitoring reports and statistics, we can definitely make it easy for you to understand and get the campaigns started with little time.

Email marketing services are a great way for your business to professionally communicate with your customers. Routine newsletters and advertising through email campaigns will allow you to increase your business, and surveys will give you beneficial feedback.

Clever Marketers Use Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a highly effective way of engaging with your target audience - of finding prospects, and of communicating with existing customers and clients. Why waste your time and effort of direct mailing when you can do so much more with email marketing in less time. It's not just about buying a list and sending out a sales message. Sourcing your email contacts is a key consideration when starting your online marketing campaign. At Source Enterprises, we can advise on these options. Email has the benefit of helping you to build a relationship with your prospects. You can get their reaction, ask their opinion, test out new ideas, as well as simply promote your goods and services. And by cross selling, and working with affiliates, you can get email marketing really working effectively. Email marketing is a valuable part of any business, whether you are fixated on customer acquisition, customer retention or up sells.

mapEconsultancy (2010) showed the growing interest and support of digital marketing after tracking the increase in use over the past three years. Although the effectiveness of digital marketing may be obvious to those in our industry, some businesses are still behind when it comes to embracing the online marketing tools. As a leader in the digital marketing world, Source Enterprises understands that the pace of digital marketing can be overwhelming. We offer you the best marketing tools to get your socially connected and make them work effectively through email marketing. Tools such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn were quickly adopted by the business world, and have since proved themselves indispensable.

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools within digital marketing which puts Source Enterprises at the top of the game.

1. The first rule is to always keep in mind that each campaign is all about the recipient. This obvious point has often been forgotten now that we have the ability to mass mail vast amounts of people so easily. Smaller highly targeted campaigns will achieve much more than a ‘one size fits all’ send out.

2. The second rule is to be aware of ever developing technology. One example of this is that 80% of people today read their emails on mobile devices. By making your email marketing campaigns compatible with mobile devices, you will be able to reach people in a way that suits them.

3. The final rule is to understand that consumers expect a two-way interface, meaning that they demand to be treated as real people. Their potential aspirations, business priorities and preferences, business priorities need to be recognized. Tailoring the email campaign correctly to reach a multitude of people while also appealing to each and every one of them is a skill.

“Email marketing and social networking can be one of the most effective tools at any growing business’s disposal. When used correctly and designed with the consumer in mind, targeted emails can reach the best people quickly and effectively.”

Here at Source Enterprises, we understand the consumers' wants and needs. We also understand the importance of using different channels in order to approach different audiences, be that Facebook, Twitter or email.

"Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to increase revenue while nurturing relationships with previous and existing customers."



Source Enterprises has researched email marketing and fine-tuned it. Email is one of the highest marketing strategies at your business’ disposal and we will make it work for your business. Some perks from using email marketing include increased customer retention, and increased brand loyalty.

Every email marketing strategy we create uses analytics so you can see who recently opened your emails, who forwarded them to people and who clicked on different links. We will report to ecommerce clients on what email messages generate the highest revenue so that future campaigns can be used in the right way. Email marketing is one of the most profitable forms of modern marketing, introduce this into your marketing mix with Source Enterprises and look forward to everlasting customer loyalty.

Email Marketing



In comparison to other types of marketing, email marketing allows you to distribute information at a relatively low cost to a wide range of potential customers.

Email Marketing Advantages:
• Low cost in comparison to conventional marketing options.
• Ability to create and deliver an email message in a short period of time.
• Provides statistical information, such as the number of emails viewed.
• Paperless - environmentally friendly.

What's Included:
• Email Delivery
• Email Campaign creation, graphic work and email layout
• Email tracking reports, valuable information statistics on what has been viewed or forwarded.

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Mobile Users


It was revealed, in 2013, that 91% of U.S. adult residents own a cellphone or smartphone and 56% of adult residents are now going online with smartphones. Source Enterprises ensures that your emails are smartphone friendly and arrive quickly on customer's phones. And while we're at it, we'll develop navigational buttons for your site that accommodate mobile navigation.

Instant Results

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One really useful aspect of email marketing is that it can be instantly analyzed and its response monitored. Depending on your business, it may be possible to get the phones ringing with orders or bookings, just minutes after a promotional email goes out – perfect if scheduled during a quiet part of your week or month. Analytics allow you to see who has opened your email, and which parts of the subject matter in your email newsletter have been read by which recipients. Used wisely, this information can help with further targeted marketing. Increasingly, email marketing is used in association with social media such as Facebook and Twitter, to help build a following of interested prospects who feel they are part of a conversation, not simply being sold to.